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An unlimited supply of clean energy

Why go solar

Increased Savings Greater ROI
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You save more on your electricity bill and can avail of financing options

Lifetime support

We offer you a 24/7-service support throughout the life of your solar panel.

Seamless experience

We help you with every step of the process including permits and paperwork

25-year warranty

We offer a 25-year generation warranty

Sustainable Power

Solar energy is an infinitely available, renewable energy.

Easy installation

Decades of experience ensures reliable installation at an unmatched speed

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Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your rooftop plant with our SunEdison App!

Clean Energy

Solar energy does not emit toxic greenhouse gasses that are hazardous to our ecosystem.

Negligible maintenance

Our solar system requires very minimal maintenance

Easy EMI options

Our EMI options make installing solar panels affordable!

Greater ROI

Enjoy a greater ROI of 25-30%

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Getting Started

All you have to do is use our solar calculator to help determine your solar power requirements. You can also call us at (add contact number here) to book a free consultation. You will be on your way to a greener home in 6 easy steps.



Get a free consultation on initial costs and how much you can save by installing solar panels. You can also find out how much electricity you will consume and how much you can send to the grid.


Schedule a site visit after which our team will design an installation suited to your space and your requirement taking into consideration rooftop access, direction, space utility etc.



In case you require financing we will help facilitate a loan from banks/NBFCs. From document collection to loan approval we will guide you through every step of the way. All we need from you is a down payment cheque and we will handle the rest.


We will ship the entire solar kit to your house. Our installation partner will receive it and fix it in less than a day.



We will secure all necessary permits. Our team is always available to ensure that your solar energy system is up and running at the earliest


After installation, get real-time information about your system through our app. Information on daily output to everyday consumption will be at your fingertips.

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