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Terms & Conditions


SILRES Energy Solutions Private Limited (“SILRES”) is entitled to use the brand name, “SunEdison”. Accordingly, reference to 'SunEdison' the customer proposal means and refers to SILRES. The customer proposal consists of confidential and proprietary information of SILRES and SunEdison Infrastructure Limited group of companies (“SunEdison Group”) which shall be treated as SILRES and SunEdison Group's confidential and proprietary information by the Customer. The information in the Proposal can be used by the Customer only to evaluate the terms of the Proposal and to execute a final agreement with SILRES/its affiliates. The Customer shall not, without the prior written confirmation of SILRES disclose any information of SILRES/SunEdison Group, including the customer proposal and its contents, with a third party. The customer proposal and all supporting documents provided to the Customer along with it shall remain the sole property of SILRES/ SunEdison Group.


Nothing contained herein shall at any time during the term of the customer proposal or after the expiry or earlier termination thereof give or be deemed to give or confer upon Customer, any right, title or interest or claim in or to the intellectual property rights belonging to SILRES. All intellectual property rights related to the products and services of SILRES shall continue to vest solely and absolutely in favour of SILRES. No licenses or rights are granted either directly, by implication, or otherwise under the customer proposal. SILRES shall be entitled to affix the logo of 'SunEdison' upon the system (or any part thereof) installed by SILRES for the Customer. SunEdison website, it's URL and related items are responsibility of SILRES.


The Proposal shall not be construed as a partnership or association of persons. There is no agent and principal relationship between the parties. Each Party shall be responsible for its own conduct. The customer proposal shall not create nor give rise to an obligation to create a purchase and sale agreement or other formal relationship.


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