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For a cleaner, greener future

Rural Solar Solutions

SunEdison is a pan India solar energy solutions provider, specialising in high-efficiency Solar Power Systems with comprehensive EPC solutions. We have been tirelessly working on Innovation and Development in the field of Solar for decades.

Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lights, and Rural Electrification have been a prime area of SunEdison concentration in the last 7 years. In this duration, we have been a pioneer in India and have installed more than 50 micro-grids and over 25000 installations of Distributed Solar Systems.

With many installations and an extensive network across 15 States, SunEdison has been an active contributor in shaping India’s Solar revolution. We have been passionately working with a mission to positively impact the lives of economically weaker and remote sections by providing sustainable solutions. Solar water pumps, street lighting, and uninterrupted power supply have been our focus.


SunEdison’s Presence

SunEdison has a Pan India presence with a vast network of vendors and installers across several states. We have also installed more than 6000+ solar pumps, 10,160 Home lighting solar, and over 10,000 Solar street lighting systems making our experience unmatchable. Furthermore, a work order of 135,000 nos. of Solar irrigation pump distributed across 15 Countries of the International Solar Alliance is expected over the next year.

Why go solar


You save more on your electricity bill and can avail of financing options

Lifetime support

We offer you a 24/7-service support throughout the life of your solar panel.

Seamless experience

We help you with every step of the process including permits and paperwork

25-year warranty

We offer a 25-year generation warranty

Sustainable Power

Solar energy is an infinitely available, renewable energy.

Easy installation

Decades of experience ensures reliable installation at an unmatched speed

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your rooftop plant with our SunEdison App!

Clean Energy

Solar energy does not emit toxic greenhouse gasses that are hazardous to our ecosystem.

Negligible maintenance

Our solar system requires very minimal maintenance

Easy EMI options

Our EMI options make installing solar panels affordable!

Greater ROI

Enjoy a greater ROI of 25-30%

Solar Water pumps

Water scarcity is often a problem in many rural areas and with the cost of diesel and electricity rising constantly, solar-powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural regions as these have a low maintenance cost and ensure a long product life. Harnessing the power of the sun and using less water to produce electricity makes this a very viable option.


SunEdison Rooftop Calculator

Calculate how much energy you can save by entering your details below!



reduction of carbon footprint over 20 years 76* TONNES
Number of Trees saved in 20 years 129*

* Note: These are approximate values

SunEdison can help you go solar in the fastest time possible thanks to our lean technique practices so call us at once @ 044-4340 5950

Our Projects


India’s first 1MW canal-top solar power plant

SunEdison was an integral part of India’s first canal top solar power plant at Chandrasan village about 45 km from Ahmedabad. The power plant was set up on a 750 metre stretch of the Sanand branch canal.

The impact

  • The plant was set up to generate 1.6 million units of clean electricity per year.
  • It also prevents evaporation of 90 lakh litres of water per year from the canal. Solar Panels mounted on a canal top are cooler than their land-based counterparts. This resulted in the temperature of the cells being cooler by 10 percent. Due to this, the energy generated by the plant was significantly higher than a ground-mounted solar PV plant.
  • In an arid land like Gujarat where sunlight is aplenty and water scarce, a project like this created a tremendous amount of social impact in terms of conservation and utilization of natural resources.
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