SunEdison Integrated System SKU: 1 kW copy

Providing the best in class solar energy solutions through our integrated system offering which has its components made by reputed manufacturers. This system comes with a product warranty of 10 years and generation warranty of 25 years.


Description Specifications Units
Solar PV Module 405 W Poly PERC 3
Inverter (inbuilt MC4 connector) Single phase grid tied inverter 1



Parts of the Integrated Solar System
  • Mounting Structures – the cost includes a panel mounting structure of 1m height or lesser. For support structures of height greater than 1m, please contact SunEdison for your additional requirements
  • Single phase grid tied inverter
  • ACDB Panel
  • All necessary Cables – covered for a building of height 10m or lower
  • Maintenance Free Earthing
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Remote Monitoring system
  • Other accessories
  • Our integrated system offering provides you with a DC capacity of 1215 Wp with a 1kW inverter. This configuration allows you to utilize your inverter better,even in low light conditions in the morning and evening.
  • The following services are covered when you purchase this system:
  • Installation and commissioning at your provided address
  • Support with the net metering application
  • Access to the SunEdison app, with graphical reporting of the performance of your system, timely alerts and access to informative content
  • A product warranty of 1 year covering the entire system
  • Site visits from our maintenance team for routine maintenance
  • A response time of <72 hours for any service disruption due to product failure
  • This system comes with a product warranty of 1 year; an annual maintenance contract can be provided by SunEdison beyond this term
  • We also offer an annual generation guarantee of 1300 units of electricity (1300 kWh/ year) for the period of the aforementioned warranty
  • Solarpanels have a product warranty of 10 years and a performance warranty of 25 years
  • The inverter has a product warranty of 5 years
  • For design and installation services,the SunEdison team will get in touch with you at the number / email address provided by you.


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