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If your monthly electricity bill is above INR 1500 on average, you have access to your rooftop and have relevant rooftop space as well, and if you want to make money from the sun, it makes absolute sense for you to go solar.

Solar Rooftop System consists of solar panels mounted up on your roof/terrace, unlike traditional Solar Systems, which require extra land for setup. This reduces costs and increases the utilization of space on your roof/terrace.

  • On-grid
  • Off-grid
  • Hybrid

No, they are not. Like the ones used by Sunedison, good quality solar panels are made in such a manner that it can sustain all weather conditions. This also can withstand external pressures of all sorts, ranging from wind, dust, and rain even to monkey menace and more. Improper installation, extreme pressure, or lack of care given to solar panels may result in damage to the panels, so the best advice is to provide good and regular maintenance.

This is a popular myth. Solar panels function on the principle of light energy being converted to electrical energy. Therefore, as long as there is sunlight, high-quality Solar panels can ensure up to 75% of peak electricity production even on the cloudiest days of winter/monsoon months.

Make sure to clean your panels ideally in the night as no incident light can cause the panels to start conducting electricity. You can clean them using a wet cloth on a dry day or a water hose to ensure dirt is removed, but the moisture is not sticking around on the panels. How often you clean the system depends on the season. You may need to clean more often during the summer months when there is more dust in the air and fewer rain showers to clean the panels. However, do not attempt to clean the wiring underneath the panels.

The most reliable way is to contact Sunedison’s customer support to receive the fastest on-ground support from our best in place engineers.

The system sizes vary for every customer based on their requirement. Sunedison has various system sizes to offer to its customer. We offer 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 kW systems for residential purposes and customized offerings for commercial customers above 10kW to 100kW.