Complete Solar Solutions for Home and Small Commercial

We are a pioneer in the solar industry since 2000 with a focus on distributed Rooftop Solar systems in residential, commercial, and industrial/ rural markets. We have been serving the Indian rooftop solar market since 2009 and have executed projects over 3,000,000 KiloWatt / 3 GigaWatt in over 25 countries. We have more than 20 years of experience installing and maintaining the system to ensure reliability and performance.

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Homes & Villas

We offer residential rooftop solutions for
your homes and Residential villas ranging
from 1kW to 5 kW.

Apartments &
Housing society

We offer a complete integrated solution for your apartment complex and residential society. Contact us for a free site survey and a proposal for cost saving.

Commercial Establishments

We offer customised solution for commercial establishment ranging from more than 10kW to 100kW

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Integrated Systems

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Installation Process

Why SunEdison

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We offer custom solution designed specifically to suit your needs and requirements both for your home and commercial establishment. Help us design a unique bespoke offering for you. Leave us a message and our team will contact you to understand your requirement.


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