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Why partner with us?

We seek Channel Partners who understand the importance of renewable energy sources and want to build a sustainable and profitable business. This would be your chance to become a part of our entrepreneurial journey, leverage your network, contribute towards a sustainable planet and be a proud member of the SunEdison Green Partners Global Network.

Solar Solution

A SunEdison channel partner will be provided with a complete solar solution ensuring you become a one-stop solution for your clients.

Increased Savings

SunEdison will work closely with you so that you can create the business of your dreams. Earn more with solar.

SunEdison Mobile Application

SunEdison provides a partner app, financing assistance, and quote generator for easy customer leads.


SunEdison will provide onboarding assistance, marketing collaterals and continuous training to keep you updated.

Reward Programs

Channel partners will experience one of the highest reward programs on every sale getting converted.

Greater ROI

There will be incentives for achieving higher conversions. We value hard-work and want our partners to shine.

60+ years of experience and expertise in the Solar PV industry

SunEdison has a rich legacy in the silicon industry and was originally formed in 1959 with the establishment of the Monsanto Electronic Material Company (MEMC), a division of the multinational Monsanto Corporation. MEMC pioneered in the manufacturing of silicon wafers for semiconductors in the burgeoning electronics industry.

SunEdison, one of the pioneers of the Indian solar industry, is building its business in India with focus in distributed energy in small commercial, residential, and rural energy segments. With highly experienced investors and promoters backing the platform, SunEdison is uniquely positioned to be a distinguished partner, whose vision is to build a multi-faceted platform which provides end-to-end renewable energy solutions.

  • The team has the experience of building more than one GW of distributed solar projects in 25,000+ locations.
  • Our teams are present in 15 States and have built relationships with the local ecosystems of, energy administration and customers.
  • The leadership team has over 100+ years of management experience in solar and distributed energy; the overall SunEdison team has a cumulative relevant experience of over 1500+ man-years.

SunEdison is a specialist in the design, execution, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems. Whether it is a commercial complex or a residential space, we provide high-quality and sustainable solar power plants. We extend this technical expertise to our channel partners.

How you will benefit  from becoming a
SunEdison Channel Partners

A SunEdison channel partner will provide complete solar solutions from finance, execution and maintenance to ensure they become a one-stop solutions for their clients. We will work closely with you so that you can create the business of your dreams. This program will act as an additional source of income for you

Here are a few benefits exclusive for a SunEdison Channel Partner.

SunEdison Mobile Application

SunEdison provides a partner app through which, partner will be able to generate instant proposal to customers with minimal inputs.


We provide you with onboarding assistance and continuous training to make you well versed with the market updates

Who can partner with SunEdison?



Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants

Electronic white good retail shop owners Distributors

Electronic white good retail shop owners / Distributors

Direct Sales Agents and Banking Correspondents

Direct Sales Agents and Banking Correspondents

Interior Designers Builders

Interior Designers & Builders



Financial Planners Wealth Managers

Financial planners / Wealth Managers


Sales & Service of various Industrial Equipment

  • Diesel Gensets & Other Power Source Equipment
  • Industrial Racks & Storage Systems
  • Pumps, Pumping Machines and Spares
  • Batteries, UPS & Charge Storage Devices
  • Computer Hardware, Printers & Electronic Devices
  • Industrial Air-conditioners and Devices
  • Electric Motors & Power Tools


Any referral, who in your view, should opt for solar electricity generation. Your referral can help us bring in more channel partners and benefit you on a monetary basis. Our extensive training programs and facilities aids anyone with a good network and helps them become our successful channel partner.

Sunedison Milestones

Presence in
15+ States
25000+ Distributed Installations
Distributed Installations

Rooftop installations
Home Lighting System installations
Solar Water Pump installations

50+ Microgrid Projects
50+ Microgrid



Best Solar Company In India