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Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Diploma in Electrical or Electronics with at least 4-5 years of successful testing and commissioning experience Position Description: SunEdison are looking for prospective candidates to lead the overall responsibility for the Testing, commissioning, trail run & operation of the solar power plant. Candidates need to have strong understanding of Project/Product design and construction planning integration, and the collaborative process between Design & Engineering, Supply Chain & Construction.

Position Responsibilities

  • Test or evaluate photovoltaic (PV) cells or modules.
  • Review specifications and recommend engineering or manufacturing changes to achieve solar design objectives.
  • Check standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.
  • Provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commissioning, or performance monitoring.
  • Perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency.
  • Create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  • Check & Verify electrical single-line diagrams, panel schedules, or connection diagrams for solar electric systems using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Create checklists for review or inspection of completed solar installation projects.
  • Manage smooth commissioning of the project by Coordinating between the company and the Contractor.
  • Supervise and approve commissioning plans in accordance with project guidelines.
  • Review designs and supervise onsite commissioning activities.
  • Prepare and maintain commission records of site observations, testing processes and checklists.
  • Outline procedures, norms and details for writing the Systems Manual.
  • Monitor installation, submittals and usage of engineering tools adhering to project and commissioning guidelines.
  • Assist with identification and redressal of commissioning and malfunction issues.
  • Evaluate contractual commissioning statistics and instruction guidelines in accordance with the needs of the project.
  • Compile commission report data for summarizing and assist in summarizing and updating commission records.
  • Attain customer satisfaction through adhering to owner guidelines with the entire project team.
  • All the solar power plant equipment’s like Solar panel, SCB, Inverter, LT panel, HT panel and Metering panel testing and commissioning.
  • Remote monitoring system & SCADA commissioning as per the OEM guidelines and monitor the plant.
  • Carrying out Solar plant PR test and PLF test as per the design parameters.

Bachelor Degree in Electrical- Masters degree or licensed professional engineering [Electrical] is highly desirable with 15+ years of work experience

Position Description

SunEdison are looking for senior leaders who have managed all departmental functions and personnel associated with the design of solar photovoltaic systems within the organization. The design & engineering department activities support the development of a large portfolio of projects across several regions (state & provinces), segments (private, public, utility) and applications types (roof, ground, canopy). Additionally, this position will be responsible for mentoring and training department personnel, establishing and managing the department operating budget and provide reports to management on the status of Design & Engineering operations.

Position Responsibilities

  • All operations of the Design & Engineering department.
  • The activities associated with the development of construction plan sets to be used by contractors for solar PV system construction and operation. Plan sets will need to specify all design requirements for roof top, ground mount and canopy applications.
  • Responsible for developing design standards and component specifications in order to ensure uniformity across all regions plan sets and to ensure proper component utilization. Design standards also need to support Construction and Service organization operational requirements. Also, designs must comply with all applicable code requirements (i.e. NEC), meet necessary certification requirements (i.e. UL), and achieve 25+ year operation life time.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) processes to support both internal design reviews as well as external contractor plan set development and review.
  • Departmental resource plans to support all operating regions within the region segment and work with Human Resources to identify viable candidates to fill open positions.
  • Qualification and development of external engineering firms to support D&E operations in new regions or segments where additional technical expertise is warranted. Conduct negotiations to finalize scope and cost for contract engineering services when required.
  • With the Procurement organization to allocate module/inverter technology to forecasted projects and provide bill of materials to facilitate the ordering of long lead time components.
  • Processes and continue efforts towards achieving standardization while maintaining necessary specification; utilize feedback loops and lessons learned to improve delivery of projects.
  • Maintenance of project design data in a centralized project database. The data supports both project scheduling and material procurement within the broader organization.
  • and management of departmental operating budget established on an annual basis. Responsible for identifying reasons for cost variances, either positive or negative and taking action to either mitigate or support.
  • Responsible for managing growth and mentoring of personnel, conducting year end reviews, mapping career growth, recruiting and hiring, and all other personnel issues as necessary.

Position Experience and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Civil / Structural Engineering – Master’s Degree or licensed Professional Engineering (Electrical) is highly desirable
  • 15+ years managing a design organization in the construction industry – experience with power plant or solar PV design is highly desirable. Must be comfortable managing a department with over 20+ employees many located in multiple regional offices
  • Proven experience in using stage of the art Design & Engineering best practices (lean development methods)
  • Experience establishing design standards, component specifications and document revision control system to ensure quality and standardization when working with external construction and design contractors
  • Strong knowledge of construction permitting process – experience with land development and permitting process is also highly desirable
  • Experience managing a departmental operating budget and managing cost to be within or below budget. Experience developing and implementing cost reduction initiatives is highly desirable
  • Proactive and results oriented to work in a rapidly growing industry with occasionally aggressive timelines and deliverable requirements
  • Experience scaling an organization across multiple regions to accommodate high growth is also highly desirable
  • Ability to develop clear, concise and pragmatic findings and recommendations, and strong communication skills including preparing and delivering well-designed presentations
  • Ability to scope and structure complex projects and manage multiple teams
  • Exceptional interpersonal leadership and influencing skills, including ability to achieve goals without direct control over resources
  • Strong attention to detail with high-level vision to meet deadlines

BE - Electrical / Mechanical with ISO 9001/14001/45001 (OHSAS 18001) Internal Auditor certification (Lead Auditor certification is preferable)- with 5-7 years of work experience

Position Responsibilities

  • To Prepare systems / Procedures for each & every activity with respect in line with IMS certification requirement.
  • To Conduct trainings on ISO management system to all concerned.
  • Liasion with Legal team to prepare the Legal register for compliance at Organisation level.
  • To Conduct Audits of System / Proces mapping for improvements.
  • To be a chain link with Systems & Technical team to implement the PDCA claused in the Organisation managemnet of the Documentation & its Control
  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice capacity planning vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance
  • Ensure that all necessary systems and procedures are in place to satisfy all customer requirements and audits
  • Ensure that the function operates in accordance with any health, safety and environmental policies and procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and visitors.