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  Jul 19, 2021   

Top #5 Myths Around Solar Panels

Top 5 Myths Around Solar Panels

Solar panels are beneficial in more ways than one. The benefits range across economic, financial, environmental and more. However, the widespread myths associated with solar panels are acting as a barrier in a potential customer’s purchase decision. In order to provide a holistic view of the benefits, below mentioned are the top #5 myths associated with solar panels and substantial data breaking those myths.

Myth # 1 – Solar panels are expensive

Fact – The return on investment on solar panels is much higher in the long term. The costs of solar panels have also significantly dropped. The payback period for solar on most homes is 4-6 years. For businesses which operate during the day the payback depends on the soiling on the panels. Not bad, when the life of a solar panel is generally 30+ years and most manufacturers offer a 12 – 25 year warranty. (Source: Clean Energy Reviews)

Myth # 2 – Solar panels are hard to maintain

Fact – Solar panels are extremely easy to maintain provided they are cleaned on a regular basis, frequency depending on the soiling on the panels. With the right cleaning guide they can be maintained comfortably and do not require extensive time and effort.

Myth # 3 – Solar panels damage the roof

Fact – Solar panels are only mounted on the roof of houses and are light in weight. We design module mounting structures which ensure that the roof remains waterproof and structurally sound. Also, solar panels when installed on metal roofs, helps reduce the temperature below.

Myth # 4 – Solar panel installed houses are hard to sell

Fact – With solar panels not only are the electricity bills cut by 90%, the value of the house is also enhanced. An environmentally friendly property is valued at a much higher price. Installing solar panels in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills; Comparable research done in the US by Zillow suggests that solar panels increase the home’s value by 4.1% compared to similar homes without solar installations (Source: CNBC)

Myth # 5 – Solar panels do not work in a cloudy climate

Fact – Solar panels work in sunny, cold, and even cloudy environments. Solar panels are even more effective in cooler temperatures than warmer ones. (Source: Green Match)

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