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An unlimited supply of clean energy

  Mar 19, 2021   

The evolution of Solar energy

The Evolution Of Solar Energy

Why fossil fuels are a thing of the past

Energy enables life to emerge. All living organisms take various forms and occupy multiple geographies based on their use and transform energy and matter. This allows them to survive and reproduce. Human beings have radically changed how they use and transform energy in the last few hundred years.

The industrial revolution was only made possible because of technological innovations that allowed us to harness a new form of energy: fossil fuels. Through the past two centuries, the rapid advancements made by humanity have primarily been driven by using fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.

But, this momentum of growth has slowed in recent years. This is not surprising, as the world has understood that fossil fuels as an energy source are limited., If we continue to use fossil fuels at the same rate as we do currently, we will effectively run out in the next 100 years. If you  consider the additional damage being caused to the plant’s ecology, it would make fossil fuels a poor candidate as an energy source of the future.

The future will be renewable.

renewable solar energy
  1. Wind/Wave
  2. Tidal, Solar
  3. Hydro
  4. Geothermal, and
  5. Nuclear

have been in the limelight as clean and green alternatives. However, Solar is the most promising amongst all. f we consider all the energy that reaches the earth’s surface, solar can fulfill our current and our future energy needs for a long period of time.

The sun is technically a giant nuclear power plant in the sky, with mainstream photovoltaic technologies approaching 25% to 30% efficiency. This is close to 38% efficiency of oil-powered power generation. Some experimental solar technologies are up to 50% efficient but are hard to upscale. Assuming these technologies continue to mature and efficiencies continue to increase, solar would soon become the most promising  energy source of the future.

India and solar power

India has made significant strides in the solar energy sector. The Indian government had an initial target of 20 GW capacity for 2022, which was achieved four years early, making us one of the few countries that have achieved this win. As of 30th November 2020, the country’s solar installed capacity was 36.9 GW, but India hopes to achieve 100 GW of installed solar capacity by 2022. For this purpose, it has mobilized an investment of over US $100 billion.

Through the PM-KUSUM scheme, farmers are slowly becoming energy entrepreneurs. The government aims to create 30-GW solar capacity through small plants in the farmers’ fields. This will not only supplement the farmers’ income, but would also lead to the decentralization of energy production.

solar panel company in india

Companies such as SunEdison have been making significant strides in the area of rooftop solar. They currently have a presence in over 15 states across India, where they have completed over 25,000 installations. With the support of government schemes such as PM-KUSUM,  SunEdison strives to lead a cleaner and greener energy production in India. 

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