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  Feb 26, 2021   

Reduced Electricity Bills With Rooftop Solar Installations

Reduced Electricity Bills With Rooftop Solar Installations

The solar industry in India is on the right path with government incentives like Net-metering, allowing consumers to send back excessive amounts of energy to the grid. Net-metering allows solar power and photovoltaic power consumers to earn money through the surplus energy generated if the system is connected to the local grid. An off-grid solar installation is a stand-alone system that is not connected to the city-grid.

residential rooftop solar panels

When your solar system is connected to the grid, you can avail of the net-metering policy. Consumers who produce more energy than they consume get compensated for the surplus energy. In case you utilize more power than you generate, the grid will provide you with the required amount of energy. Additionally, you only have to pay the difference as your electricity bill.

Benefits of Solar system with net-metering

  • Reduced costs. The city grid works like a giant battery for your solar installation, which means you do not have to invest in additional solar battery inverters. On-grid solar systems take up less space and are ideal for rooftop installations for residential use.
  • Earn money. Earn by sending your surplus energy back to the grid.
  • Low-maintenance. Once installed, solar panels require very little maintenance, and without the solar batteries and inverter, you can further reduce these costs.
  • Better for the environment. Unlike electricity created by fossil fuels, solar provides clean energy and does not incur losses during grid-transmission.

Rooftop Solar panels by SunEdison

It is true that solar can help you save up to 90% on your electricity bills. With an on-grid rooftop system, you can even earn money for your surplus electricity. If you are serious about saving money with solar, click here- https://sunedisoninfra.com/ and get a FREE QUOTE for your solar power needs. SunEdison is India’s leading rooftop solar system supplier, which offers complete solar solutions with 25 years of product warranty.

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