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  Feb 22, 2021   

How long do rooftop solar panels last?

How long do rooftop solar panels last

Rooftop solar panels are an excellent investment as it allows you to produce your energy and reduce your carbon footprint. If you have been thinking about making this investment for your home, you might have wondered about the panel’s durability and how it will affect your roof. Most studies have shown that a right solar panel will last for 25+ years. That means you save up to 90% on your electricity bills for over two decades and more!

Will it damage the roof?

Solar panels should be installed by licensed professionals as the process involves drilling holes into your roof. They must be patched and sealed well to avoid leaky roofs and damage to your solar panels. Check out SunEdison: India’s Leading Rooftop Solar Project Developer for a professional installation of rooftop solar panels.

How to Maintain your solar panels?

Solar panels require minimal maintenance and are very durable. In the event of a malfunction, you can call your Panels Provider and use your warranty. Rooftop solar panel providers like SunEdison offer 25 years of warranty to their customers. You can also track your daily solar activity through the SunEdison mobile app.

Solar Panels Maintenance

A few tips to optimize your solar power panels-

  • Make sure nothing is shading your panel as that can obstruct the sunlight.
  • Keep them clean from dust and bird droppings.
  • Keep track of the day-to-day performance of your panels.

Why chose SunEdison rooftop solar panels?

SunEdison offers excellent customer service by effectively converting your rooftop into a solar power plant. With one time investment and an experienced team on hand, you can expect to drastically reduce your energy bills while playing a significant role in reducing the environment’s carbon footprints.

  • End to end solutions
  • Designed for each house to maximize output
  • Quick and safe installation process handled by licensed professionals
  • 25+ years of product warranty
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