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  Jun 24, 2021   

Go Green with SunEdison’s Partner Program

Go Green with SunEdison’s Partner Program

Environment, climate change and green energy has been in the limelight now more than ever. It has become increasingly clear that attention to the environment needs to be given for a healthy living. Protecting the environment and living sustainable is now the need of the hour.  

As a company, we at SunEdison, are committed to doing everything we can, to contribute to the environment. As an extension to our solar solutions, we have launched the ‘Green Partner Program’ which is an exciting and incredible opportunity for those passionate about contributing their bit to the environment. 

The Green Partner Program essentially offers working professionals, professional service providers, businessmen etc an opportunity to come onboard as a partner with SunEdison and leverage one of the leading pioneer brands in the industry to reach out to the network. The green partner will be provided with a sales kit, marketing collaterals and other resources to enable reaching the network and start generating leads. The partner acts as a brand custodian, promotes going green  and communicates the long term benefits of solar panels in the best way possible. 

We seek Partners who understand the importance of renewable energy sources and want to contribute their bit to the planet. The program offers partners to become a part of our entrepreneurial journey & leverage their network, while contributing towards a sustainable planet. 

With 20+ years of experience and expertise in the solar PV industry, SunEdison is a leading brand and a specialist in design, execution, installation and maintenance of solar power systems. And this would be a chance for partners to collaborate with us and be a proud member of the SunEdison Green Partners Network. 

Green Partners are offered one of the highest reward programs in the solar industry and will be paid on every sale getting converted. Special incentives are also offered for achieving higher conversions, as part of referral income, giving a chance to earn an average of INR 20,000/- per month

A SunEdison Green Partner will be provided with a complete solar solution starting from:

  • Onboarding assistance – Relationship manager from SunEdison’s end
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Continuous training to make the partner well versed with the market updates
  • A partner app – For ease of communication in this collaboration
  • Financing assistance – For their customers
  • Quick response from SunEdison support

Amplifying on our vision towards building a sustainable and greener planet, we have launched the ‘SunEdison Green Partner Program’. We will work closely with you so that you can earn an additional income, while choosing to contribute to the environment. 

Let us help India Go Green together. Take a step towards sustainability with SunEdison TODAY! 
For more information, please visit: https://sunedisoninfra.com/green-partner/

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