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  Mar 5, 2021   

Five reasons to solarize your business

Five Reasons To Solarize Your Business

Companies around the world are shifting towards cleaner practices. Solar power is environment-friendly and cost-effective for businesses. Installing solar panels on your commercial property will lead to several benefits. In this blog, we look at the top five reasons to solarize your business. 

  1. Cost-effective. Energy bills can put a considerable dent on your monthly profits, not to mention the loss of productivity during power-cuts. Solar panels allow you to power your business with free energy from the sun. An on-grid solar system will enable you to draw any extra energy you may need from the city-grid. With Solar power, you can utilize your funds to grow your business rather than just pay huge energy bills! 
  2. Less dependence on the Grid. Many parts of India still face regular power-cuts and blackouts that lead to lower productivity and higher expenses. With an on-grid system, you can lower your dependence on the city-grid and even earn through Net-Metering. 
  3. High ROI. Solar panels make your business sustainable and come with an extended product warranty of 25 years. They work efficiently even after 25 years when purchased from a trusted source like SunEdison. Commercial properties with installed solar systems enjoy a higher market rate as well. 
  4. Better brand recognition. Companies that follow green practices are valued higher by consumers who prefer sustainable products. Solar power is an asset for your brand and will help you gain a more significant market share. Government incentives also support green businesses. 
  5. Reduce carbon footprint. A business can impact the world in more ways than one. It has now become a social responsibility to adopt cleaner practices and make changes where we can. Solar is an easy and profitable way to do better for the world. #GOSOLAR

Complete Solar Solutions for commercial spaces and industries 

If you have a commercial space with an unutilized rooftop, you must consider converting it into a solar system for your business. The process of going solar is hassle-free and convenient when you partner with a company like SunEdison, solar power pioneers, for decades. 

They offer complete solar solutions for commercial and industrial spaces with the following advantages-

  • Uniquely engineered solar solutions to cater to your specific energy needs and space
  • Easily affordable on a lease, PPA, and EMI options
  • Decades of experience in installing solar systems in small, medium, and large-scale industries 
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