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  Jun 30, 2021   

Durability of Solar Panels during Hurricanes and Hailstorms

Durability of Solar Panels during Hurricanes and Hailstorms

If you’re considering going solar or have effectively adopted solar already, you might think about how solar panels will charge in a region that experiences cyclones and hailstorms.

Well, the good news is: Solar panels are considerably more solid than you may assume.

Thanks to thorough industry testing and certifications, solar is the most reliable and eco-friendly energy source that an entire nation can depend on during severe climatic conditions. However, the recent Tauktae and Yaas cyclones show us the degree to which solar energy systems face a storm.
What Exactly Are Solar Panels Made of?
They typically make the individual solar panel cells from silicon, which is considered a fragile material alone. Other materials in rooftop solar panels are aluminium, glass, and other valuable metals. While none of these materials appears tough enough individually, they transform into an incredibly resistant and resilient surface when assembled. Laboratory technicians have wholly examined the most long-lasting solar panels just as a car is crash-tested before hitting the road. The engineers test these modules for an enormous amount of damage they can withstand, caused by falling or breaking. Thus, minimizing the chances of damage.

How Do Solar Panels Endure High Winds?
We consider one of the most crucial solar power residential system elements to be the rooftop solar system. Over 6-inches of space is usually left between the base of the solar panel and the roof’s surface, making the panel highly aerodynamic. Thus, enabling the rooftop solar panels to withstand high winds without producing excessive up force. Even if the wind has some up force, industrial power bolts can hold the racking system to the roof by anchoring the solar modules. Anchoring the aerodynamic solar system properly by the installer ensures that the solar modules will outlast on the top through any extreme storm.

Are Solar Panels Hurricane Resistant and Hail Proof?
Hail-proof solar panels are the basic solar panels without specifically being hail resistant. The engineers of the solar module take special forethought to ensure the glass covering is highly resistant to hailstorms and other heavy objects hitting the solar panel surface. Another incredible statistic about solar modules is that they can endure winds up to 140 miles per hour before getting damaged. We cannot underestimate the prominence of solar energy installers in this process. The more reliably your system installation is, the higher wind resistant your system will be.

The fact that the solar panels are hail-resistant is what often surprises consumers. After all, severe weather causes significant property damage across the world every year. Harnessing solar energy is a lot more than just about having sufficient sunlight and creating a product with the highest possible capability. It is also about creating a solar panel system that will operate in even the most severe weather.

The importance of solar energy in the bright future of our nation is indisputable. Fortunately, solar panels have a long life span, making them last for decades to come. Moreover, with the constantly developing technology, there may also be breakthroughs in solar energy systems on the horizon, making them even more resistant to extreme weather.

Don’t hold back until storm season rolls in to go solar. You need not be afraid of any damage to your panels because of hailstorms. In case of further inquiries, get in touch with SunEdison, your ideal renewable energy company, to stay prepared and protect your solar panels ahead of time.

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