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  Feb 23, 2021   

Do solar panels make your home hotter?

Do solar panels make your home hotter

Residential rooftop solar panel myths.

There is a common misconception that solar panels make your roof hot, thereby increasing your home’s temperature. This is FALSE. Rooftop solar panels absorb sunlight, which is converted into electricity for your residence. The panels convert the photons from the sunlight into electrical energy. One panel can produce up to 290 watts of power with one hour of exposure to the sun.

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Rooftop solar panels cool your home.

Rooftop solar panels absorb the sunlight which falls on your home. Researchers have found that rooftop solar panels can decrease the amount of heat entering your home, reducing the temperature by 3-5 degrees. Not only can you run your air conditioner at lower costs, you may not need it on most days!

Monitor your rooftop solar panels

Rooftop solar panels require very low maintenance on your end. Remember, the installation process is the most crucial factor when it comes to residential solar systems. You must hire a licensed professional to fix the panels. To install the panels, holes will need to be drilled on your roof. Non-professionals can damage your roof or the panels.

If you are considering rooftop solar panels for your home, you should consider SunEdison as your panel provider. They offer end-to-end solar solutions and even have a mobile app that allows you to monitor your solar system. Info on the daily output to everyday consumption will be at your fingertips.

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