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An unlimited supply of clean energy

  Jan 29, 2021   

Diesel generators, a health hazard?

Diesel generators, a health hazard?

“Delhi Pollution Control Committee hereby bans the operation of electricity generator sets of all capacities, run on diesel, petrol or kerosene in Delhi with effect from October 15 till further orders, excluding those used for essential or emergency services,” read an official record under a new pollution plan set forth by the government. 

A study conducted by the Centre for science and environment in the year 2018 called “Going Solar” showed that residential areas that used Diesel generators during power cuts reported a 30%-50% increase in pollution levels. It was observed that diesel generators’ usage caused pollution levels to be 15times higher than what can be considered safe. 

In 1890 Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel generator, which was appreciated for its raw power and sturdiness. But that was 130 years ago; today, we have the technology to do better. Solar-powered generators should be the alternative to the old diesel generators. 

Diesel generators can cause breathing problems. 

The use of a diesel generator means a heavy amount of exhaust fumes. These fumes contain tiny particles that can penetrate your airways and lungs. Studies have shown that exhaust fumes can change our respiratory function and breathing patterns. 

Some physical symptoms include

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Irritation in the respiratory system

Long term exposure to diesel fumes can lead to chronic respiratory problems, lung cancer, and heart-related ailments. 

Diesel operated generators are bad for the environment and pose a life-threatening problem to all living beings. 

Switching to solar energy. 

The benefits of solar energy are many, and it is a much better alternative to fossil fuels such as diesel. Solar power is a cleaner, cheaper, and healthier energy resource that reduces pollution and conserves resources. 

Solar-powered generatorsDiesel operated generators 
No pollution caused- CLEAN ENERGY.Diesel exhaust fumes are bad for the environment and also creates a lot of noise pollution.
No recurring costsFuel prices are continually increasing, and also these generators require high maintenance.  
Solar panels can be installed on rooftops to save ground space. Diesel generators are enormous machines that take up a lot of space.
Diesel Generators VS Solar Inverters

Solar power is the future of clean energy, and it has already begun. India has taken massive steps in the solar direction and today produces the cheapest solar power globally. Global giants like SunEdison have installed over 2500 solar installations in India setting milestones that will propel our country to a better future.

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