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  May 3, 2021   

Customer’s Key Role in Solar Panel Installation

Customer’s Key Role in Solar Panel Installation

A lot of potential customers are perplexed in terms of what they are required to possess to approach a solar panel provider. This blog will highlight the top basic requirements from the customer’s end to initiate a solar panel installation.

  • Rooftop Space – This is the most basic and most primitive aspect to be noted as a customer. Solar panels come with a lifespan of 20+ years, however if your rooftop is old or damaged then this would pose as a barrier to your panels. You would not be able to utilise your solar panels throughout their lifespan. Hence, it is crucial your rooftop space is in a good enough condition for the installation. If it is a flat rooftop then panels have to be set at an angle to ensure optimum sunlight is utilised, hence the quality of the rooftop and the amount of weight the rooftop can withstand comes into the picture here again. If this aspect is not seen through thoroughly, as a customer you will end up spending more dismantling the panels, and then fixing your rooftops. The space should have sufficient space and not a lot of shade to allow sunlight to be trapped.
  • Electricity Requirement – Consumption of electricity varies from one family to another. Larger commercial buildings have a much higher consumption of electricity. It depends on the appliances being used, number of machineries being powered, and number of individuals residing in the space as well. This will have to be analysed at least as an average to facilitate in selecting the right amount of solar panels.
  • Inverter & Fuse Panel – A customer should have basic equipment like an inverter and a fuse panel in working condition. Once the installation of the panel is complete, it is the inverter that receives signal from the panels and converts it into usable electricity. Similarly it is the fuse panel that receives energy from the inverter to be distributed to various circuits of the household.
  • Net Metering – Post the installation, it order for your panels to work, the new net meter will have to be installed by the electricity board. At SunEdison Infrastructure we take care of this for you to ensure a hassle free installation process is delivered to our customers. Customers will also have to contribute at this stage and coordinate with the electricity board to complete this process.
  • Maintenance – Finally, the customer needs to have a detailed understanding of how best to maintain your panels in terms of cleaning them regularly, having them serviced and checked at intervals.
Solar Panel Installation

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