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  Apr 28, 2021   

Customer’s Hesitation with Solar Panel Installations

Customer’s Hesitation with Solar Panel Installations

Having faced numerous potential customers and spoken to thousands of leads, we are aware of the customers hesitations with installing solar panels.

An independent charity providing news on environment stated top three hesitations seen in customers in the most simple and direct way:

Residential uptake of rooftop solar PV is primarily limited by three key barriers –

Barriers Of Solar Panel Installation

1) Lack of information

2) Availability of financing options

3) Complicated government policies

This is extremely accurate when it comes to potential Indian customers as well.

  1. Lack of Information – While most people are aware of solar panels being used to generate electricity, they are not well informed about its long lasting benefits. Neither are they clear as to how it works and due to this lack of information they end up not favouring the purchase of solar panels. For example: Individuals assume solar panels would work and generate electricity only on sunny days. They assume solar panels wouldn’t work during rainy seasons or during nightfall. This is a complete myth that needs to be broken. Another example is individuals assuming solar panels require a lot of money, energy and maintenance, which is again untrue.
  1. Availability of Financing Options – Depending on the size of the property and it’s electricity needs, costing of solar panels can be determined. However, due to the assumption that solar panels are expensive most potential customers are hesitant to consider them. Availability of finance options like easy EMI, not only help you afford solar panels but also let you see its long lasting benefits beyond the period of your EMI payment.
  1. Complicated Government Policies – Potential customers are afraid of all the endless information available out there and are perplexed as to the complications in government policies. We, at SunEdison, take it one step further by owning responsibility for this as well. We handle all the permits, approvals etc that are required to be taken from a legal standpoint, making it a hassle free experience for our customers. 

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