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An unlimited supply of clean energy

  Mar 5, 2021   


Back To Basic Series

With all the trending content about the advantages of solar energy being spoken about in the industry, let’s take a step back and start with the most basic starting point.

Let’s start with going back to the basics. #BackToBasicSeries. 

As we all are aware, solar energy received from the sun is one of the fastest growing sources in the world today. At any given point in time, earth is soaking up enough energy to cater to the global electricity demand for at least a year. 

The sun is basically a nuclear reactor, which means it releases what we call photons. Now before you think we’re getting technical, let me tell you, in the simplest terms, photons are nothing but small particles with energy. 

When this energy hits our planet every second, there is a tremendous amount of energy that can be consumed. In order to leverage this energy in the most efficient way to create electricity – we turn towards solar panels. 

Solar panels are semiconductors, which means they are made up of materials such as silicon which allow heat to easily pass through them. Panels are essentially made of photovoltaic cells. Materials such as silicon give very little resistance to the flow of an electric current, hence are called conductors. When silicon is used to build solar panels, they are constructed in such a way that there is a positive and a negative layer which combines to create an electric field, just like how you see a battery work. 

This electric field helps create electricity which is then supplied in the form of direct or alternating current to residential and commercial buildings. We will be talking about this aspect in a simplified manner, on our upcoming blogs. 

As you can imagine, with such high amounts of sun rays hitting our planet every second, there is huge potential for us to leverage this energy and use it for multiple purposes. Hence, solar energy is said to be the future and one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the world. 

Stay tuned for more information we will bring to you, while keeping it simple, to the point and beneficial to our readers!

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