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  May 4, 2021   

Addressing Residential Uptake of Rooftop Solar PV – Need of the Hour

Addressing Residential Uptake of Rooftop Solar PV

One of the recent articles on Economic Times says “India is one of the leading generators of solar energy in the world owing to its ideal geographical location. The country receives tropical sunlight and has clear skies for up to 300 days every year. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set a target of making 175 GW capacity of solar installations by March 2022.” (Source: Economic Times)

With ambitious energy goals being set, the need for residential uptake of rooftop solar PV has now become the need of the hour. It is imperative that as citizens of this society we pay attention to the depleting quality of our environment, and jump the wagon to contribute our bit to mother nature.

“One of the consumer survey report, from an NGO-World Resource International (WRI) on consumer experiences while adopting solar roof top connections, reveals that lack of clear information on various aspects, such as- knowledge about solar panels & batteries quality, available reliable vendors, ,  process of installation and approval process, misinformation regarding mortgaging of home with bank for availing loan is one of the major reason that are behind the crawling pace of uptake in the residential rooftop solar sector” (Source: CBGA India)

Solar Installed Capacity

The residential uptake of rooftop solar has not seen the light of day, despite the 30% capital subsidy offered by the government (70% to special category states).

There are many reasons causing this –

  1. Information regarding solar panels and it’s benefits needs to be:
    • Easily accessible
    • Effectively disseminated
    • Translated into regional languages
  1. Subsidies need to be given on time
  2. Lack of awareness on availability of finance options 
  3. Lack of timely approvals of net metering applications 

“Recently, the Government of India announced Phase II of the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme. In the second phase, the government is offering a 20- 40% financial subsidy to residential consumers for new rooftop solar installations ranging between 3- 10kW, including user-clusters such as housing societies.This financial support should accelerate residential rooftop solar installations.” (Source: IEEFA)

We have to prioritise residential rooftop to meet the targets set for solar by 2022.

Rooftop PV Installation Targets

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