You’re responsible for operating and maintaining a solar power plant, and you understand that even a small increase
in energy production can be the difference between exceeding your targeted returns or falling short.

We balance every aspect of your solar system for the maximum amount of energy possible
people + technology = insight
with a passion for solar

Extensive experience

We provide expert service to customers around the world and have over 3 GWs of projects under management.

High resolution data

When it comes to maximizing energy production, information really is power. Our database gives us access to tens of millions of system hours of data, across all kinds of technologies and climates.

Sophisticated technical expertise

We don't just service solar power plants, we design, own, and operate them too. So we know what makes them tick, and we know how to keep them ticking.

Comprehensive measurement system

Sensitive data collection instruments provide the detailed data to assemble a complete picture of system performance and local weather conditions.

Proprietary software technology

Sophisticated algorithms compare actual energy generation with expected energy generation based on your system's historical performance, the performance of other systems in our database, and weather conditions.

State-of-the-art data centers

Data is fed into to our global Renewable Operations Centers, located in India, Spain, and the United States, where it is monitored by trained technicians.
Clarity of

When you apply a deep knowledge of solar power plant technology and operation to a comprehensive data set describing system
performance, information is transformed into insight. We can provide you with a complete view of the potential of your solar
power plant, and insight into the best ways to maximize energy production and system uptime.

Because it's insight that helps you get a few percent more out of your solar system
and getting that little bit more is the key to success.

Complete service solutions for global and local customers
Whether you are looking for a comprehensive solution to manage a global portfolio of assets, or are simply looking for support to operate and maintain a single system, we can provide you with a complete, worry-free service solution.
  • Asset Management
  • Operations and MaintenanceO&M
  • Monitoring
  • Software
Asset Management
Asset Management Services
Asset management is a complex discipline requiring a unique mix of technical, financial, and local expertise. As one of the world's top solar service companies, SunEdison asset managers are trusted by leading investment firms.

We offer a complete suite of asset management services

Billing and Reporting

We help improve collections, reduce administrative costs, and ensure compliance and operating efficiency with our streamlined billing processes and custom reporting.

Finance and Accounting

We assist with financial and treasury management and provide financial reporting to ensure contract compliance

Tax and Audit Services

We identify information, data, and reports needed for tax and audit-related matters to ensure that our clients are in compliance

Vendor Management

We manage the end-to-end process for clients, so that vendors are seamlessly integrated into the setup and maintenance of solar systems

Warranty Claims Management

We handle warranty-related matters as part of our ongoing maintenance plan

The power of managed billing
The power of managed billing and reporting
  • Reporting to meet your unique needs and provide visibility into all key metrics
  • Energy production support for performance-based incentive (PBI) and renewable energy credit (REC) programs
  • Energy billing to support power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Solar asset and fund reporting for investor relations and regulatory compliance
  • Access to online invoices and production reports
  • Data protection - reports are automatically posted and permanently archived

“Macquarie Infrastructure Company has made a significant investment in contracted power generation using solar PV technology, and we count on SunEdison to ensure the stable and predictable long-term returns that define this asset class."

Bill Green
CEO of MIC Renewable Energy Holdings, a division of
Macquarie Infrastructure Company and SunEdison Global Services client

Operations and Maintenance Services
Over 190 field service technicians on six continents are ready to deliver on-site support and help you extract the maximum amount of energy from your systems.
Group of workers
Proactive Action and Rapid Outage Response
Our advanced monitoring platform frequently lets us detect system anomalies before breakdown occurs. In many cases, we can fix issues remotely but when a repair is required, we'll fix it fast and maximize your system's uptime.
Intelligent Power Management
Solar system operators must constantly monitor and adjust power production to meet the needs of local power grids. When a solar installation shares a portion of a regional grid with a wind energy facility, the grid may overload during high winds, tripping the solar system's main breakers and shutting down electricity production. SunEdison can provide remote power factor control and rapidly adjust system production to meet grid capacity needs. This can mean fewer outages, more energy, and more revenue.
Preventative Maintenance
We'll inspect and clean your systems, conduct compliance testing, and provide vegetation control
Preventative maintenance helps you get more energy from your system and ensures its smooth long-term operation. Routine cleaning can increase energy production by up to 30%. Vegetation control is required to ensure that no production losses occur due to shade and for the long-term health of the system - permanent damage can occur to your system if vegetative growth is left unchecked.

The industry's most sophisticated hardware and software platform delivers the information and insights needed to keep your system running smoothly all day, every day.

Three Global Renewable Operation Centers
We provide 24/7 coverage, including integrated coverage, for complete protection. All three ROC facilities are configured for full redundancy and seamless failover. We can constantly monitor your system to optimize its peak performance.
Sophisticated Analysis

We translate data into insight - our highly trained technicians employ sophisticated software algorithms to compare actual performance with expected performance, taking into account your system's characteristics and prevailing weather conditions.

Alerts and Response

We use a system of escalating levels of alerts and response to make sure any problems are identified, communicated, and solved as quickly as possible

SunEdison Connect Software
SunEdison Connect is an intuitive and powerful web-based software application that gives you access to data and services via an online monitoring portal. Accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world, SunEdison Connect provides real-time data and gives you a direct view into the performance of your system.
The power of managed billing
Easy reporting and billing
Views and reports for different types of users: fleet, fund, and site views Invoice creation and printing
Key performance data

Real-time energy production data Environmental impact data and economic savings

Comprehensive support
Global customer services across 29 countries and 3 languages 24/7 Coverage

Connect with us anytime