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TerraForm Power is a SunEdison company that is helping change the way renewable energy is generated, distributed, used and owned. We own and operate some of the most technologically advanced renewable energy installations in the world and are interested in exploring a variety of partnership opportunities.
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We're looking to form mutually beneficial partnerships and joint ventures with developers around the world.  


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TerraForm Power creates value for its investors by owning and operating high quality wind and solar power portfolios around the globe.

We believe we have a responsibility to transform the future by producing energy that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. With demand for energy growing, together with increasingly scarce natural resources, developing home grown renewable resources like solar is vital.

The demand for renewable power is growing rapidly. As energy markets around the globe move toward achieving grid-parity, the point where renewable energy can produce electricity at a cost equal to or lower than more traditional power generation methods, we believe there are attractive opportunities for us to grow our project portfolio. Our portfolio of assets has been acquired from a range of the most reliable and highest quality energy providers around the globe.

While we own and operate some of the world's most technologically advanced wind and solar installations, we intend to acquire other clean power generation assets including wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and hybrid energy solutions where the right opportunities present themselves with a goal to provide power to our customers around the clock.

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